Our House Build

Building a home in Costa Rica, or anywhere you're not a permanent resident, isn't easy.  Frankly it's an exercise in extreme trust, patience, frustration and huge additional unseen costs if you're not careful!

We did it all, we made some huge mistakes, didn't do our research and paid a huge price personally.  It was a huge strain on our relationship, our Bodega was broken into and we were robbed, it was a huge strain on our bank account (almost to the point of losing our home) and we went into huge personal debt to make it all happen.  But we persisted, we didn't give up, we learned to pivot as we needed to, we learned to juggle finances until we finally got it done! 

When we aren't in town we are happy to share our home with Travellers from around the World!  This helps us maintain and cover costs when we aren't living at our house.  Plus we love that our guests enjoy the house as much as we do.

We realized our dream of a home on the beach!  Finally achieving one of our life long goals.  We've developed a strong community of good supportive friends in the area and feel welcomed every time we arrive at Casa Luna Beach House.  

We took the long road to get this project completed.  We can help you save time, money and frustration on your dream of building or buying a Vacation Home.  Join our Private Face Book Community.  Our Community sign up will open on January 1st 2021.  Spots are limited so be sure to click below to be added to our waiting list.


Private Beach Front Home for Rent

in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica 

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