• Louise Abbott

Why I decided to do a Retreat

Updated: Oct 16, 2018


Renewal & Replenish Retreat


Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


May 11th - 18th, 2019

I will be hosting a glorious retreat at a glorious retreat centre, Villas Serenidad, just down the beach from my house.

How Many Can Attend:

I enjoy a retreat where I can get to know everyone and there is a little more focus on the group so I'm keeping it small this time.

We can sleep up to 12 people.


Louise Abbott, Registered Massage Therapist and Director of "Fun & Shenanigans" at her

Vacation Rental Properties and Retreat Centres

Andrea Bucket of Andrea Buckett Cooks

Meg Williams of Modalities That Heal

Details & Prices & Deals:


Playa Negra, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica



Playa Negra Beach Road

Puerto Viejo

Costa Rica