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Philip, Louise & Charlotte

Owners & Dreamers

We, sadly, can't be in Puerto Viejo all the time right now so we decided to share our home by the beach with you and your people.  We are happy to invite you to escape from the Chaos of the current world and experience the wonder, excitement, passion, peace, connection, adventure and hospitality within the Caribbean vibe community of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.  Built in 2018 our beach home is a mix of modern luxury comfort with a dash of traditional Costa Rican style. We designed and built our beach house with care, never forgetting that this is our place to escape, reconnect with ourselves and one another and leave the chaotic World behind!  

If you love adventure this is the place for you.  If you are a foodie, explore the many restaurants in town owned by locals and expats from around the World.  If you want to relax and do nothing there are beaches, spas and hammocks everywhere.  If you want to escape just dip your toes in the sea and walk along the beach.  We encourage you to explore and get lost in the amazing place we love and cherish.


We rented homes all over Puerto Viejo before buying land on Playa Negra just outside town. Moving forward we worked with local builders and designed a fabulous, luxurious, comfortable and welcoming Private Beach House beside the sea.  We found that sleeping without air conditioning was difficult in the tropical heat but we enjoyed the Costa Rican style of open air living. This helped us decide to put in air-conditioning and overhead fans in the bedrooms, if you need it, so rest is easy.  We designed a private plunge pool on our lower deck for afternoon cool downs.  Plus, of course, the sea is seconds away for a quick dip or play time in the surf.  

We have chosen to open up our personal beach home to you!  To share the beauty of the East Coast of Costa Rica and the peace and connection it brings us. 

“Welcome to Casa Luna Beach House, make yourself at home! Pura Vida"
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Philip, Louise & Charlotte

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