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Buying &/or Building your Dream Home

in Costa Rica

Have you ever dreamed about owning a home on the beach? Somewhere exotic & far away?


We did just that, we purchased a lot in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica (Caribbean Coast) on Playa Negra Beach and then we designed and built our dream beach house.

Living the Dream

We built in the jungle and on the beach!  It was an adventure, a challenge, exciting, scary, a huge leap of faith and a personal financial risk.​We built in the jungle and on the beach!  It was an adventure, a challenge, exciting, scary, a huge leap of faith and a personal financial risk.

We've decided to share our experiences and offer advice to anyone else who may be thinking of doing this themselves.

Wow, what a ride it has been!

If you're buying land, buying a house, building a house in Costa Rica, we can help!  We've been there.  We've made huge mistakes.  We've Corrected these mistakes, done more research, learned so much and we can share these valuable lessons with you to speed up your goals.

We will offer you connections to reputable, reliable and ethical real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, architects, builders, property managers and personal shoppers who can help you build your dream house.  This will save you thousands of dollars in time and energy. 


We will share our story, answer questions and help you get closer to realizing your dreams of a Vacation Home in your paradise!

We will Cover:

  • Real Estate Purchases

  • Purchasing Land

  • Designing & Building a home or rental units

  • Understanding the National and Regional laws and expectations

  • Property Management

  • Running a successful vacation rental business

  • How to stand out in the crowd

  • Lawyers 

  • Accountants

  • and More!

Dream Big!

Live your life.  Be informed BEFORE you take a huge risk with your hard earned money, time and dreams.  It CAN be done!  We can help you avoid the common stumbling blocks and excessive time learning as you go.  We can help you speed up our path towards making your dreams come true.

Live the Pura Vida Life

Luck has nothing to do with it!  It's about goals, mobilization, information and research.

What You Get

What you get:

  • A zoom event where you can meet the community, hear our story and ask questions.

  • A private FB Page where we can speak freely, discuss questions, ideas and offer advice

  • Access to local people in the Costa Rican Community that can offer you advice, information and tell you about their experiences.

  • Discussion and Support 24/7

  • We will stay with you from inception to completion and onward

  • valuable resources and information that will save you time, money and energy.

  • We will work with you to make this experience as easy and smooth as possible (not perfect but we will do the best we can!)

  • and so much more.

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