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I LOVE You - Pura Vida!

If you've read my blog posts. You'll see easily that I have a love affair going on with the East Coast of Costa Rica. (don't tell my hubby!)

I am a huge believer of the ever elusive "balance" in life, health, mental and otherwise. However, I am the first to admit that balance is something to always strive for but it's important to know that balance comes and goes because life is always full of change. Change isn't the best friend of Balance. But - we can do our best to work with both of them even though they can be as difficult together as two toddlers and 1 puppy.

It's how we react to change that can, either, really effect our balance or have only a small effect. It is up to us.

I've been thrown off my Balance cart so many times I have bruises on my bruises on my bruises. I have scars, ego bruises and injuries to prove it. I try to keep it in the back of my mind at all times that it balance always seems to return on it's own when it's time for it to come back. I can beg with it, plead with it, cry, stamp my feet but Resistance is Futile! Balance does what she wants.

The reason I'm going on and on about Balance is that my place to go where Balance is easy for me is Puerto Viejo. I get on the plane in Toronto and a I feel my balance changing (she's packed her bikini and is happy). I get off the plane in San Jose and I can breathe again (she's enjoying the change of scenery and the lush green mountains all around her). I get in the car for the 5 hour drive to PV and I feel relaxed and calm (she looks out the window in anticipation). I arrive at Casa Luna Beach House I inhale deeply and everything else falls away (balance is now jumping up and down clapping her hands in glee).

Now this is an advantage for me (slightly) because I have somewhere to go. Somewhere that offers, automatic grounding and reconnection with the earth, somewhere I can "get a way" from it all when I'd like to. We don't have the same responsibilities there and we don't feel the push and pull of a crazy North American life style.

Speaking of North American Life Style. I love Canada EH. It's a great country that looks after it's people. I feel safe there and comforted by the fact I have health care and services to support and help me as I age should I need it. I have resources all around me to help me do what ever I need. I have great friends and family there who I adore. I really love our cultural diversity as well. But it's not the same as PV. This North American "life style" is simply and sadly geared to pull us in different directions. We are inundated by things we must purchase, things we must have, things we must do. Services, products, decor items, food, drink, etc. etc. It's a World we've all created by supporting this "life style" and it's getting a bit horrifying. Marketing, Promotion, Sales, Bottom line, expensive homes, cars, education - you name it. It's never enough. We must keep moving forward, keep grabbing, keep pushing, keep shoving - I'm tired and don't want it any more. It's not in my nature and It makes me sad.

Toronto is an amazing city. It's been my home forever and I trust her. But, traffic is horrendous, public anger is raising, I'm a bit worried about driving, I'm worried about my daughter driving. I'm worried about where our politics are going. Generally I'm feeling the need to pull away and, at least for a while, go and regroup.

North America is where I'm pulled by a lifestyle I'm accustomed too and at the same time I'm really repelled by. It's interesting to me as I love to analyze the why of a situation and, at the same time, it freaks me the fuck out.

We had to search high and low to find a place (for us) that gives us that profound sense of relief from our busy, over stimulated lives. We had to go far far away to find it and we were lucky enough to have actually found it.

It's out there for you too you know. It can be found in the shed in your backyard if you chose it to be there. Peace is in our minds firstly. You could find it spending some time in glorious Northern Ontario, sitting on your balcony in the city or in your backyard. Your favourite room in your home or in your garden. It's all about perspective.

Practices like, breathing, yoga, flow, meditation, etc. are all helpful to find this peace within you. It is within us. It's always there, we just have to relearn how to get at it, to get it back.

It's always something to be mindful of and practice. It's personal and you have to try multiple ways to see what works for you.

Pura Vida my friends.


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