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What Is Happening?

We cancelled and cancelled and cancelled, a fully rented home this year, at the request of many very sad and disappointed guests from out of the country. We all agreed it was for the better and it kept us all safer but we were all surprised and sad we had to cancel. We, of course, gave all our renters 100% of their rental back. This wasn't anyones fault so why be an asshole about it? Pandemics happen, it seems, at least now they do.

It destroyed any hope of renting our home in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica to anyone from out of the country. So we sat and worried a bit about what would happen to our beautiful Casa Luna Beach House? We needed a solution, quickly, to keep the house maintained and with enough income to cover our basic costs to run the house monthly or we would have to lose it. Our Property Manager Nina was so helpful and on the job even though her own business was suffering from the hit of shut down tourism and beaches.

Then, something happened, something we didn't imagine would happen so quickly but it did. People started contacting us about long term rentals. Some where expats who were stuck in CR and others were locals who needed a place to live. So we rented the house out for 3 months at an extremely low rate to keep the house occupied and to pay for our day to day maintenance. Phew, we were lucky and were grateful for the rental. After our 3 month rental left we had another month long rental inquiry from a couple who have chosen to stay in CR to wait out the Pandemic. It made sense as CR itself had managed it's Covid cases well and Puerto Viejo had virtually no cases at all. Then, we started getting lots of inquiries form Costa Ricans who lived in the San Jose area and wanted to escape their own Chaos in the city and come t

o the beach to relax, reconnect and retreat. This is going very well. Our Costa Rican clients are respectful, kind, appreciative and love our house. From 4 or 6 or 8 people they come down to Puerto Viejo to escape and have a relaxing weekend where they can reconnect with family, friends or themselves for a while. Professional, entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Dr's you name it we are getting such a vast variety of guests, getting to know them and really enjoy their visits.

Don't get me wrong, it's not been easy, but it's been an adventure which is what Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is always about. Now we are all slowly peaking our heads up and looking around hoping that tourism will begin to open up to the World again and that our guests will be from everywhere again. We also hope that our Costa Rican renters will return to us often whenever they need to escape the chaos. Everyone is welcome to share our beautiful home away from home when ever we are not there. Pura Vida and Cheers to an ever changing World.

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